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Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking platform virtually replicates the bank in your browser such that you have nearly unrestricted ability to perform online almost anything you would have needed to visit the branch for.


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With seven branches and still growing, we are well positioned to be close to our customers. Kindly walk in and find out how we can help you in achieving your personal or business goals.

Personal Internet Banking

We have made it easier for you to request cheque books, transfer funds between your accounts, pay utility bills and lots more. What are you waiting for, download the form and visit any of our branches nationwide.


Corporate Internet Banking

You can carry out secure internet banking transactions and e-payments of all kinds, monitor trade transactions and administer payroll. You can easily make payments to customers with accounts anywhere in the world, confirm cheques, stop cheques, issue drafts and pay import duty amongst other functions.




  • Convenient – banking can be performed from the home or office.
  • Banking is available 24 hours a day, thus extending banking hours.
  • User-friendly.
  • Notification of certain transactions can be sent to the customer via SMS and email. Keeping customers informed at all times.
  • Easy account management saving both time and energy.


  • View real-time account balances.
  • View real-time transactions on your account.
  • View transaction history on your account.
  • Transfer money between your accounts and other accounts within the bank.
  • Download and print account activity and consolidated activity of all your accounts in any format.
  • View uncollected funds on your account.
  • View and track status of trade finance transactions – Letters of credits payments, confirmation and establishments, form M and bills of collection.
  • Order for cheque books and bank drafts.
  • Make bulk payments to employees, contractors, suppliers.
  • Pay bills such as DSTV and setup standing orders.


  • Download and print the Application form – PDF version | Word version
  • Download the Service Agreement
  • Complete your details
  • Submit or email the form and the agreement to any of our branches nearest to you.

After Applying
Within 24 hours (at most 48 hours), a sealed pack containing your login details (customer accesscode, username and password) will be sent to you through your relationship officer. If you want to collect the pouch yourself, please go to the branch where you submitted the form.

For more Information on Internet Banking, please contact your relationship officer or ebusiness department with these numbers: +2204399471, +2204399476 or email us at enquiry@zenithbank.gm. You can also use our e-Help service for fast response to your enquiries.

Software Requirement
To read a PDF (Portable Document Format), you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader


After applying and getting your login details, as well as the basic requirements outlined below, Visit our website (www.zenithbank.gm) and click on Internet Banking.

You need to have these basics:
• A personal Computer that has Internet access
• A web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator)

To log in successfully to our Internet Banking, your browser must accept cookies. Our Internet Banking uses cookies to remember who you are after you have successfully logged in. If your browser is set up to not allow the saving of cookies, you will not be able to log in

What is a Cookie
A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your web browser from a web server. This data is never “executed” as code, so it can’t contain programs or viruses, and can’t be longer than 4,000 characters. Cookies are generally used to help websites determine the state of your “client.”

What about security?
A cookie cannot be used to extract data from your system. When a cookie is set, your browser checks it for length, an expiration date, and the domain from which it came. This domain checking means that only this site can access your Internet Banking cookie. We do not distribute your cookie or account information to other companies and as stated before, we do not store your Access Code, User Id or Password in your cookie.


Our Security Features
At Zenith Bank we know that issues like security, protection from fraud and personal privacy mean as much to you as it does to us. With that in mind, our advanced security measures with a state-of-the art website that employs 128-bit encryption, the highest level of protection for financial transactions. You can recognise this at the address bar which starts with ‘https’. This encryption technology ensures that data passing between your computer and the Bank is secure and that your accounts cannot be accessed by anyone else online. Our log in process also requires the use of unique customer access code, username and password. This also provides another layer of security.

Online Certificate
Online certificates are issued by trusted third party company (e.g. Entrust) and let users know that a site is genuine and secure. On our Internet Banking, this is indicated by the padlock symbol at the bottom of your browser screen.

Firewall Protection
In addition to using encryption, we also have firewall protection software and devices that is used to prevent unauthorised access to our systems.

Your Responsibilities
At Zenith Bank, we view ourselves as your financial partner, that is why we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have complete confidence and peace of mind in your Internet Banking experience with us. In general, never respond to an email that asks for your login or personal security details.

Never respond to an email that asks for your login or personal security details.
Keep your customer access code, username and password confidential.
Log off your account when leaving your computer. Just click log off at the top of every page when you are logged in and finished with your Internet Banking session. We have also tried to help in this regard by setting our Internet Banking service to automatically log you out in 10minutes if you haven’t used it.
Report any unauthorised activity immediately. Be sure to review your account activity or transaction history and report to us if there is any irregularity. Email enquiry@zenithbank.gm or call us on +2204399471, +2204399476.

Protection from Internet Fraudsters
Internet fraudsters purporting to be Zenith Bank staff have been sending scam emails to the public telling them about a huge US dollar deposits in their account. Please ignore such email. In response to this, we have a “Scam Alert” link on our website alerting the public about this.

Please be informed that www.zenithbank.com.gm remains the only authentic and genuine website of Zenith Bank Gambia whose registered head office is at 49, Kairaba Avenue KSMD Fajara, The Gambia.

However, we have uncovered several fictitious websites of some unscrupulous persons sending emails, letters and telephone calls to unsuspecting members of the public by impersonating Directors or staff of the Bank and claiming:

To have access to huge US dollar deposits in the Bank held in the names of deceased persons. Huge US Dollar contract sums due for payment Consequently, we expressly dissociate the Bank from any transaction entered into on the strength of such scam emails/correspondence or any other representation made via any of the fictitious websites/e-mail addresses. Also, be informed that our transactions on the internet are all in Gambian legal tender i.e. DALASI and not in other foreign currencies, such as Pounds Sterling, Dollars, etc. Please note that we do not initiate and/or conclude our banking transactions on the web.
The Bank will not be liable for any loss incurred by any person who deals with the imposters contrary to its advice.

In the event that you receive this kind of solicitation emails/letters, please disregard the senders.

For further enquiries, Please send an e-mail to enquiry@zenithbank.gm or call the e-Business Department on +2204399471, +2204399476 and send an email to EbusinessgroupGM@zenithbank.gm


  • Funds Transfer within and outside Gambia: Transfer money from your corporate account to any beneficiary’s account worldwide.
  • Payroll Administration: Pay staff salaries electronically.
  • Accounts Activities Monitoring/Reporting: View transaction logs, daily activities, download transactions.
  • Track Trade Finance Transactions: Monitor status of Letters of Credit, Payments, Confirmation and Establishments, Form M and Bills for Collection.
  • Multi-Bank Account Viewing/Reporting.
  • Import Duty Payment: Make import duty payment and print receipt at your convenience.
  • Online Cheque confirmation.
  • Worldwide notification via Email and SMS.
  • Real Time Viewing.
  • Direct Integration: Capable of complete integration with accounting systems for even less human input.
  • Advanced Document Management – Allows upload of all manner of documents such that they may be viewed at the click of a button.
  • Draft Issuance: Initiate draft requests from your office.
  • Audit Trail: Complete monitoring of all activities on the platform.

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